Tell Your Story

In two simple ways:

  1. If you've ever used your shirt, tie, or napkin to wipe the fingerprints and shmutz off your devices (ipad, smart phone, glasses, kindle), you know it's a losing battle. StarCloth effortlessly keeps your products crystal clear. StarCloth works! Send us an e-mail right now at to work on your FREE custom cloth.  You’ll see a photograph in just a couple of days and an actual sample a little after that.

  2. And, since you're a marketer, you want to make a memorable, meaningful connection with your target audiences in a cost-effective way. From the eye-popping graphics to the crazy-low pricing to the myriad of creative applications, we haven't seen a better bang-for-your-buck idea in 20 years in the biz. StarCloth works! Take a look HERE at a few of the great cloths other savvy marketers have recently done.

Since we believe that the StarCloth is a near-perfect promotional item, we'd better back it up.

  • First, the graphics. Our factory's state-of-the-art equipment produces vivid, full-color graphics with NO set-up charges. You can supply the art or our design team can customize your StarCloth.  Click HERE to see the gallery of StarCloths.

  • We fancy ourselves as experts when it comes to suggesting what to feature on your StarCloth - and where to distribute them - so that your marketing message gets attention.  In the How to Use section, you'll see what we mean. We can tailor-make the right campaign for you.

  • Before you click HERE for pricing, imagine this: your full-color StarCloth -  which is individually folded in a reusable, vinyl case, has no set-up charges, and is delivered via Fedex for free - costs about a buck.

  • Your StarCloth will be individually folded into a clear, vinyl case for free, and you simply have to let us know which part of the design you would like to have most-prominently featured.  Of course, you may prefer to have them remain flat, so that the entire image is visible.  Your options are shown HERE.

  • Naturally, we're biased about the StarCloth's awesomeness, so take a look at some unsolicited testimonials to see what our clients have to say.

  • Ordering StarCloths is, in a word, uncomplicated. Click HERE to see how easy ordering will be.

  • Interested in a FREE custom sample with your design on it?  Just contact us and we'll get right back to you.

So just who is your audience for a StarCloth? If we said "everyone," you might think we were exaggerating for the sake of sales. Here's a bit of data that might surprise you:

For the first time ever, there are now more active wireless devices in the United States than there are people. With 327,577,529 active connections at the end of June, the United States currently averages nearly 1.05 devices for each of its 312,403,988 current residents. Add to that the 126 million Americans who use glasses, and you have a lot of folks grateful to receive a StarCloth that tells your story.

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